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Coconut Oil-A Difference Maker in Autism

I found this research article from the Canadian Journal of Clinical nutrition which you may find helpful.

The research on coconut oil is not as extensive as olive oil, but it shows great promise for brain health. In a trial of 61 children with autism, the researchers added coconut oil to their diet (smoothie, juice, etc.) for three months.

Guess what happened? The administration of extra-virgin coconut oil caused a significant improvement in behavior in the group of children. The dose of coconut oil was based on the children's body weight. There were noticeable improvements in speech, sociability, sensory awareness, and behavior.

This trial was published in 2022, showing the promising effect of foods and healthy nutrients on brain health (1). Extra-virgin coconut oil has shown several health beneficial effects in research like:

  • Antioxidant

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Analgesic (pain reliever)

  • Antipyretic (fever reducer)

Also, coconut oil is a unique fat that can enter the mitochondria without problems and can be an energy source. It can be an excellent addition to omega-3 fatty acids and extra-virgin olive oil for optimal brain function.

Remember, fix the diet first. Cut down inflammatory foods, gluten, & milk products. Add brain-boosting nutrients, exercise, prayers, and faith.

Finally, be good or nurturing to yourself, and great things will start to happen.

In Health and Faith,


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El-Meidany, W. M. R., Tayel, D. I., Abd El-Maksoud, M. S., Fetoh, E. M., & El-Sahn, F. A. F. (2022). Does Supplementation with Virgin Coconut Oil Improve the Core Symptoms of Autistic Children. Canadian Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 10(1), 38-51.

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