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Spirulina: A Multi-Functional Food For Health

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that improves the elimination of toxins like Mercury and arsenic (1). As discussed previously, spirulina is high in proteins, minerals, b-vitamins, vitamin A, and iron. All of these nutrients can be helpful in children with autism and other population who are affected by toxicity with metals and have multiple deficiencies of vitamins.

Spirulina can be beneficial for weight loss. A study that analyzed multiple clinical trials of the use of spirulina for weight loss determined that spirulina diminishes body weight significantly, especially in obese people (2). Obesity is higher in autism when compared to non-autistic individuals (3).

Other clinical trials have demonstrated beneficial effects on cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. These spirulina effects make sense if you are replenishing missing nutrients in your body, increasing antioxidants, and lowering inflammation (4).

In summary, spirulina can be beneficial as part of a healthy diet for most people looking to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and for individuals in the spectrum.

"Our biggest shortcoming is low expectations."

Mark Batterson

There is hope for autism!

David Rivas, RPh, MSc, CCN

Pharmacist and Clinical Nutritionist/Consultant


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