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Health & Wellness Coaching

A Comprehensive Wellness Plan Designed Specifically for You

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General Health & Wellness

Health is the condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not only the absence of a disease or diagnosis.  You may have good lab values, but your lack of energy and focus may tell you that something is out of balance.  It is important to a have a nutrition coach that can walk with you and navigate the sometimes confusing waters of nutrition. On your way to health, it is essential to know which foods are beneficial for your body functions like detoxification, hormonal balance, stress, energy, etc. By the same token, some foods are harmful to your body by increasing your blood sugar or even by being contaminated with a toxin like Mercury. Eating foods rich in toxins that may include Mercury may decrease your ability of detoxification and toxins may begin to accumulate in your body.

A Comprehensive Wellness Plan Designed Specifically for You

  • Review Medical History and Symptoms

  • Recommendations of lab work to determine the health status of your gut, mitochondria, antioxidant status, detoxification, hormones, stress biomarkers, etc.

  • We guide each patient on how to analyze lab results and explain the different values that may show a deficiency or diagnosis

Every Wellness Plan Will Answer The Following Questions

  • What to eat and which foods to avoid?

  • Are my medications causing any deficiencies?

  • Are there any interactions between your medications and dietary supplements?

  • Which supplement to take and at what specific dosages to use?

  • Which manufacturers of dietary supplements are higher quality?

  • Which labs are necessary to pinpoint your imbalance or root of your disease?

  • What do your lab results mean?

What Sets Us Apart

Set Your Goal and Let Us Help You Get There

Goal setting and accountability are staple for every Wellness Plan we create. We will help you set realistic goals and then be there to help keep you accountable to accomplish those goals. It's our commitment to every patient.

Review of Medications

Also, it is vital to analyze or review your medications.  Some medications will cause your body to be depleted of essential nutrients.  Statins are cholesterol medications that may cause side effects like muscle pain and cognitive issues like memory loss.  This effect is because statins lower the production of Coenzyme Q10 which is crucial for the mitochondria.  If a  patient is taking statins, especially high doses, it should be recommended to add Coenzyme Q10 as a possible way to prevent those side effects.  Another class of medications which are used to lower the stomach acidity like omeprazole, lansoprazole, and esomeprazole decrease the absorption of vitamin B-12.  Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 may cause damage to your brain cells, dementia, psychiatric disorders, and pain in the legs.  If is necessary for you to stay with this class of medications, supplemental vitamin B12 will be a good choice for you.

Intervention Plan

I had a client who was a successful business owner working twelve to fourteen hours per day with only three to four hours of high energy and productivity throughout the day. The rest of the day he was feeling tired out of energy and drinking coffee often.  We analyzed his situation and establish an intervention plan that helped him stay within a high energy state all day without the stimulation of coffee. There is food that depletes your energy like bread, pasta, or white rice, which are depleted of nutrients, and will cause your body to get rid of minerals like magnesium which is crucial for energy, blood pressure, and mood.

There are plenty of foods to choose from that nurture your brain and body.  We need to consume these foods often to stay sharp and healthy.  We also recommend specific dietary supplements that are clinically proven in being beneficial to the mitochondria, detoxification, stress and hormonal balance with the appropriate dosages from clinical trials. Mitochondria are the energy factories inside your cells. When the mitochondria are not working optimally, it can make you feel tired, unable to concentrate, sensitive to pain, etc.  Our Wellness Plans are designed to increase energy level and promote overall better health.

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