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Can High levels of Toxins Affect the Autistic Brain?

Autism is a disease that continues to increase exponentially in our society. One of the areas affected by autism is detoxification, or the ability to get rid of toxins. Children with autism are less able to get rid of toxins and more likely to retain the toxins. When I mentioned toxins, it means Mercury and other heavy metals, pesticides, and others.

In this recent study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, fifty-seven severely autistic children were compared with fifty typical kids without autism (1). The results showed that children with autism have higher levels of lead and aluminum in their bodies when compared to typical children. High levels of toxins are detrimental for children with autism. In my experience, children with autism retain instead of getting rid of toxins. A deficiency in the glutathione pathway, which is one of the main detoxification natural agents in the body, is primarily the reason for higher toxicity levels in autism.

Diet has everything to do with this issue. Eating appropriate amounts of cruciferous vegetables will help to detoxify toxins. The following vegetables/algae are essential to detoxify the body from toxins:



*Brussel sprouts

*Collard greens




I believe that healthy nutrition is essential to increase detoxification and have a clear mind in autism. Medications are not helpful or approved for the treatment of detoxification issues in autism.

There is Hope for Autism!

David Rivas


(1): Rashaid, A. H. B., Nusair, S. D., Alqhazo, M. T., Adams, J. B., Abu-Dalo, M. A., & Bashtawi, M. A. (2021). Heavy Metals and Trace Elements in Scalp Hair Samples of Children with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Case-Control Study on Jordanian Children. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 126790.

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