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Protect Your Thinking, Your Brain will Thank You

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Your thinking is one of the most critical and untouched aspects of brain health.

Your thoughts will define your emotions, and your emotions will promote specific actions (good nutrition, exercise, etc.), and these actions will determine your results (Health or Disease).

Whenever you feel an emotion like fear, go back and start looking for the thoughts that started this particular emotion. For example, did you talk to your neighbor or a relative? Did you watch the news?

An important area that I understood is that even though I have the best nutrition and exercise routine, my mindset and thoughts are critical for living a disease-free life.

Any negative thoughts I support on my mind will increase the stress hormone cortisol dramatically, and my hormones, blood pressure, and brain will suffer in a major way.

The key topic here is that I am 100% responsible for my thoughts. I am the person that allows other people like relatives, neighbors, and coworkers to influence my thoughts.

If I don't choose to be responsible for my thoughts, then I will be influenced by average people and get average results, which is not good. You are born not to be ordinary, but extraordinary.

Control your thoughts, and succeed in life.

In Health and Faith,


By the way, if you want to learn more on how to benefit brain function with nutrition, and mindset my book Resilient Brain is available on Amazon. Nutrition has been a life-changer for my son affected by severe autism.

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