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Exercise Lowers the Risk of Suicide and Depression

In a study of over 50 000 people, exercise was related to a lower risk of mental health problems and suicides. Exercise can literally save your life.

Women who do not exercise have a three-fold increased risk of mental health problems like depression.

Jogging twenty to thirty minutes a day, four to five times a week is a powerful brain health tool.

Exercise works similarly to antidepressant medications.

You don't need an expensive membership; get your sneakers, music, and start walking/jogging.

Have fun and enjoy nature!


Grasdalsmoen, M., Eriksen, H. R., Lønning, K. J., & Sivertsen, B. (2020). Physical exercise, mental health problems, and suicide attempts in university students. BMC Psychiatry, 20, 1-11.

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